jil mandeng graduated with a ba in fine art at central saint martins college of art and design in london in july 2014. in 2013, she took a year out to complete a diploma in professional studies sponsored by her college including internships with thompson landry gallery, toronto; dna gallery, berlin; gagosian gallery, hong kong. she graduated from queen's gate school in london. jil was brought up in the united states and england and spent several years in latin america. she now lives and works in berlin.

pictures are paintings in either oil or acrylic based on photographs. the photographs normally are associated with a given theme. finished paintings are scanned and then altered by layering the same image or using other techniques. finalised pictures are reproduced as prints on paper, aluminium or other surfaces.

her final degree works include work with ink, pencil, pen and paint on paperboard.

all pictures by jil mandeng unless otherwise indicated.


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